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本文摘要:1. abroad 到外洋 go abroadboard 板 on board2. across 介词,外貌穿过 walk across the roadcross 动词 cross the roadthrough 介词,空间穿过 go through the windowpast 介词,经由 walk past the post officepass 动词 pass the test3. alive 在世的 I am still alive.live 现场直播 is co


1. abroad 到外洋 go abroadboard 板 on board2. across 介词,外貌穿过 walk across the roadcross 动词 cross the roadthrough 介词,空间穿过 go through the windowpast 介词,经由 walk past the post officepass 动词 pass the test3. alive 在世的 I am still alive.live 现场直播 is covered live 居住 live in the citylively 生动的 make his class lively and interestingliving make a living/ a living room4. lonely 孤苦 feel lonelyalone 独自 live alonealong 沿着 walk along the street5. asleep 睡着的 fall asleepsleepy 困倦的feel sleepy6. fall 落下,倒 fall downfell fall的已往式 (fall—fell---fallen)feel 以为 feel sleepy/tired---已往式felt7. badly—worse Jim acted badly, but Tom did worse.well—betterHe plays football well and his father does better.8. boring, interesting, exciting, tiring…修饰物 an interesting storybored, interested, excited, tired…修饰人 feel bored9. borrow 借进(以句子主语为参照物)May I borrow your pen?lend 借出(以句子主语为参照物)Could you lend me some money?keep 借一段时间 How long can I keep the magazine?10. both 两者都 Both of his parents are workers.all 三者以上都 All of my classmates are from China.neither 两者都不 Neither of my hands is clean.none 没有一个(三者及以上)None of the four apples is/are red.nothing 什么都没有 There's nothing in the fridge.11. care:take care ofcareful 形,仔细的be careful with firecarefully 副,仔细地 listen carefullycareless 形,粗心的 a careless studentcarelessly 副,粗心地drive carelesslycarelessness 名,粗心 Your carelessness led to the mistake.12. take 带走(以说话者为中心)remember to take a raincoatbring 带来(以说话者为中心)bring your book herecarry 拿,无偏向 Could you help me carry the books?13. close 动词,关闭 close the door 形,亲密的 my closest friendclosed 形,关着的 keep the door closed14. closely 副,密切地 work closely with us15. brave 形,勇敢的 He is brave enough to save the old man.courage 名,勇气have the courage to tell him the bad newsbravely 副,勇敢地 face the difficulties bravely16. dead 形,死的 have been deaddie 动,死亡 die of hungerdeath 名,死亡 the death of his pet makes him so sad.17. especially 副,尤其 He is good at all subjects, especially maths.specially 副,专门 The pen is specially designed for the boy.special 形,特殊的 a special day18. except 除了 All the students except Tom will go for a school trip.expect 期待You are expected to bring it back when you return.19. excited 形,激动的,修饰人feel excitedexciting 形,激感人心的,修饰物 an exciting filmexcitedly 副,修饰人 shouted excitedlyexcitement 名shout with excitement20.a little 一些,修饰不行数名词 a little moneya few 一些,修饰可数名词 a few treeslittle 险些没有,修饰不行数名词 There's little water in the glass, is it?few 险些没有,修饰可数名词 so few students21.form 形成 form a good reading habitfrom 从……22. France 法国/ French 法语German 德国的/ Germany 德国23. hard 努力 work hardhardly 险些不 The boy hardly does his homework.24. healthy 康健的 keep healthyhealth 康健 it's good for your healthhealthily 康健地 eat healthily25. if 如果 主将从现 If he comes, I'll call you. 是否 I don't know if he will come here.whether 是否 (如与or连用,则用)I wonder whether he'll come or not.weather 天气 What will the weather be like tomorrow?26.include 动词 包罗The list includes the names of many famous writers.including 介词They have many pets, including three cats.27. invent 动词 发现 Edison invented a lot of things.invention 名词 发现 The invention made much difference to humans.inventor 名词 发现者 Edison was a great inventor.28. last 上一个的 last year; 最后的 make her last apperance 动词,连续 The meeting will last one and a half hours.lasting 形,持久的 a lasting value29. lie 名词,假话 tell a lie动词,说谎 He is always lying to us.动词,位于Japan lies to the east of China.动词,躺,平放 He likes lying on the grass.躺,平放;位于:lie—lay---lain说谎:lie-lied-lied30.luck 名,运气 good lucklucky 形,幸运的a lucky numberluckily 副,幸运的是 Luckily, we got better marks.unlucky/unluckily31. noise名,噪音 Don't make any noise.noisy 形,喧华的 much too noisynoisily 副,喧华地 talk noisily32. noise 噪音sound 声音 We sat listening to the sound of the waves 听起来 The music sounds beautiful.voice 嗓音 The singer has a sweet voice.33. provide 提供 provide a chance for the boy=provide the boy with a chanceoffer 提供offer a chance to the boy=offer the boy a chance34. other 此外 ,加名词 other studentsanother 另一个 I don't like the pair of shoes, would you like to show me another pair?the other 两其中的另一个,常用one…the other Here is a shoe, where's the other one?others= other+名词35. over/ under 年事的上下above/ below 温度,楼层的上下36. peace 名词,宁静 love peacepeaceful 形,平静的 a peaceful villagepeacefully 副,宁静地 we hope to solve the problem peacefully.37. pleasure 名,乐意。对方请求资助—With pleasure. 资助后对方谢谢—My pleasure./ It's my pleasure.pleasant 形, 修饰物 a pleasant trippleased 形,修饰人 I am pleased with the robot.38. pollute 动,污染 The water will be polluted if you do that.polluted 形,被污染的 Our planet is becoming more and more polluted and crowded.pollution 名,污染 noise pollution39. quiet 平静的 keep quietquite 相当 quite quiet40. receive 收到accept 接受 I received a valuable gift but I didn't accept it because of its value.41. realize 实现,主语为人 I am sure you will realize your dream.come true 实现,主语为物 I hope your dream will come true.42.raise 升起,及物动词,后面必须跟宾语 raise your hand/ raise the national flag( raise—raised—raised)rise 不及物动词,后面不行以跟宾语 the sun rises, the price rises, the water level rises( rise—rose---risen)43. sad 形,伤心的 too sad to say a wordsadness 名 ,伤心 share your joy and sadnesssadly 副,遗憾的是 Sadly, few people were saved.44. safe 形,宁静的 a safe placesafety 名,宁静 Safety comes first.safely 副,宁静地 The plane landed safely.save 动,挽救 save money, save his life45. satisfied 形,满足的I am not satisfied with the machine at all.satisfy 动,满足 satisfy your need46. search 搜索(规模)search for (目的)The police are searching the city for the murderer.47. serve 动,服务 serve the old couple politelyservice 名 I will never forget its good service./ be in service48. smile 名,微笑 wear a big smile on her face 动 smile at me kindlysmiling 形,微笑的 Her smiling eyes make her loved by all the people.49. succeed 动,乐成 At last, he succeeded in winning the first prize.success 名,乐成 It turned out that her speech was a big success.successful 形,乐成的I'm sure that you'll be successful.successfully 副,乐成地At last, he won the first prize successfully.50. take 花费(时间),主语是物 How long does it take you to fly to Chengdu?spend 花费时间或款项,主语为人He spent 10,000 yuan on the bike.cost 花费款项,主语为物 The flat cost me 1,000,000 yuan.pay 花费款项,主语为人They pay 100 yuan for the shoes.51. though 虽然I take my medicine, though I do not like it.thought 想的已往式 I've thought about it for some time.想法 Her thought isn't the same as mine.through (从空间)通过the light shines through the sharp teeth52.wide 形,宽的 The river is 300 metres wide. 副,充实地 open his eyes widewidely 副,广泛地 English is widely used all over the world.53.hope 希望 hope to do;实现的可能性大;不行用hope sb. to do, 可改用hope 从句结构 I hope to go to college.My father hopes that I can go to college.wish 希望可用wish sb. to do;实现的可能性不大,所以从句用虚拟语气I wish I could get rid of the habit of smoking.54.worry 名, 担忧 share your worries with me 动,担忧 Don't worry about your exams.worried 形,担忧的 I am so worried about his health that I can't sleep well.55. have sb. do sth.让某人做某事,类似于make sb. doWill you like to have him call you back ?have sth done 请人做 Her father had the book punished.have sth to do 有……要做 I have too much homework to do today.have done sth 做了某事 I have finished all my homework now.。